The Journey to a New Beginning

Silvia Medina Mexico

Interviewed by Armando Medina

"It was beatiful, economic and more healthier."

                                                                                                                The Journey to the New Beginning


“ It was beautiful , economic and more healthier.”


  The cause and effect that caused this journey is more of an economic affair , than us wanting to go. Even though I left most of my family most of my family members followed my path also. To come to America I had to get a visa so I wouldn’t have any coming.  This journey was a hard decision to make especially because it was more immediate than planned. As I started to prepare people told me that America was beautiful and more economic. So that meant it would be better in America than Mexico. As I got to America I found out that it was vast in culture and in economics. You can see that because, there’s a lot of cultures that come to America for the same reason I came for. America was also very different than Mexico in a graphic view because in Mexico there wasn’t a lot of water and it was mostly hot. As I got situated  most of the people discriminated the immigrants by giving low paid jobs like dish washer, janitor, and late night jobs that nobody wants. I lived with two brothers, one sister,  one in-law and my husband and most of our lives were the same in which we got discriminated. But as years pass we started to get stronger as a family that in four years we all went our separate ways to new places. This was caused by getting  better jobs because we had more experience and by getting more confidence with in our self as time went on. And now it’s been sixteen years and we still see each other within the week or so. So as we can say  we have had success and probably be having it forever.